Spring Cleaning Tasks for the Home

It is spring cleaning time. We know; an enjoyable topic for sure. Though many of the jobs that are on the list for spring cleaning are not that exciting, they will help with extending the life of ones home appliances and make them run more effectively while doing so.  Here is a nice list of things to examine around the home from our friends at Water Heater Repair Long Beach CA.

1. Clean the fridge and air conditioning unit coils.Water Heater Repair Long Beach

Fortunately, cleaning these coils is easy. Just take a vacuum hose to the coils on the back of your refrigerator. For an outdoors air conditioning unit unit, you’ll need to disassemble the housing (ensuring the power to the unit is off first), and clean utilizing canned air and/or a stiff brush and spray bottle.

2. Schedule regular heating, ventilation and a/c upkeep. Yes, it costs money to obtain an A/C specialist to look over your system. However regular maintenance expenses much less than major fixes down the road. So call and arrange your A/C upkeep now.

3. Check and repair your roof. Spring is the time to get out on the roof to examine for ice, hail or water damage from winter season.

4. Clean the gutters.

Water doesn’t properly go through obstructed gutters. Which suggests more water comes up to the foundation of ones home. This could not cause immediate troubles, but with time, too much water near the foundation can cause damage and weakening, which are expensive issues to deal with later on.

5. Clean the dryer vent. Just like your refrigerator does not work properly with dirty coils, your clothes dryer is less effective with a lint-filled vent.

6. Examine the washing machine hoses. In time, washing machine hoses can crack, which can trigger leaks. In some cases, these unnoticeable leakages go on for weeks or months unnoticed, usually due to the fact that the washer is pushed back into a corner. This can trigger mold issues, water damage and even more.

7. Re-caulk windows and doors. You could have caulked your windows and doors prior to the winter chill embedded in. Sadly, even the very best caulk can set, crack and reduce when it’s cold outside.

8. Plant trees in strategic locations. As you think of landscaping this spring, consider growing a brand-new tree or two. Mother Nature will certainly thank you, and your heating and cooling expenses might too.

If your house gets a lot of sun during the day– which causes the interior of the home to heat up– plant a fast-growing deciduous tree or more on the west, east or northwest side of the house to offer cooling shade.

And if you discovered wind whistling through the cracks of the house over the winter, an evergreen windbreak on the windiest side of the home may suffice and obstruct the wind.

Prior to you plant, make sure you understand exactly how huge a tree will grow when it reaches maturation, so you avoid possible costly issues from a tree planted too near your home.