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Quick and Easy Water Heater Maintenance

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in water heater maintenance

I know ones thoughts don’t generally turn towards ones water heater when thinking of home maintenance topics, but nonetheless, it should at least once a year.  That is pretty much all it normally needs to in order to help maintain a smooth running water heater.

The following infographic we found covers two water heater maintenance tasks that should only take about ten minutes to perform once a year:

Water Heater Repair Los Angeles

Check out the full article and original source here:

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Plumbing Repair Resources

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Plumbing Repair

As opposed to other types of home maintenance and repairs, plumbing is probably one of the easier topics and a lot safer than say electrical repairs.  It is not that difficult for homeowners to learn the basics of plumbing in order to carry out different needed repairs.  Most plumbing systems do not need too much maintenance, though aspects like ones water heater should have some maintenance and safety checks done at least once a year.  We will soon have some articles on what these tasks are.Water Heater Repair

For today, here are some good resources that will help with learning more about working with ones water heating and plumbing systems at home.

The has good tutorials here. and are ok if you can weed through their websites – they are a little busy.



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Electrical Repair Resources

Posted by on Mar 19, 2014 in Electrical Repair

Electricity is certainly something that ALL homeowners need to be cautious of when attempting minor repairs or installing new fixtures!  We cannot stress that enough.  However, with a basic awareness of the dangers and with the proper knowledge of how to perform the work, one can be safe and productive.

With that in mind, here some nice resources we have located to share with homeowners.Commercial Electrician Columbia SC  This website has a huge list of home electrical projects with nice step-by-step instructions on performing the work.  A good resource for troubleshooting and repairs of various consumer electronics.

We will have some safety videos added either to this post or in a new post on electrical safety soon too!

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